Green energy’s all very well, but why waste the food in the first place?

We are beginning to address the senseless amounts of food waste human’s produce. Here experts and entrepreneurs explain options to turn food waste into bio-fuels. Remarkable and excellent work! But what about edible food waste?

For various reasons, wholesalers and retailers earmark food as ‘waste’ while it is still perfectly edible. Perhaps the branding has changed, the recipe is incorrect, the packaging is damaged or the use by date is too short. In this case FoodCycle believe that all the energy that has gone into that product – labour, agricultural space, fertilisers, transportation, packaging, etc. – should end up in the bodies of those who need it.

It is far more efficient to put food to the use it was intended for and stave off malnutrition in the community than to turn edible food waste into mulch for bio-fuel. Lets have a two step process that provides a full solution to the problems of food waste and food poverty. Let us know what you think!



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