Bath FoodCycle Presents: Blues & Folk

A night of stunning live music from some of Bath’s most exciting artists including Joe Coleman Folk, The Flamenco Thief and Matt Young.
Delicious FREE canapes will showcase what can be made with surplus food! An avalanche of yummy cakes on sale all night! All proceeds go to Bath FoodCycle and help us to tackle food waste and food poverty in the local community.

Entry only £3 Advance / £4 on the door.
Limited advance tickets available NOW at


Joe Coleman Folk

Guitars and drone boxes, Harmonies and drums. Bits of new folk songs – Bits of old folk songs and a banjo. There’s nothing frivolous, but an intensity and a few rhymes. Joe Coleman brings together his troupe for an event on the stage.

Furious and composed, the songs for the debut album out this year, are breathing a grunge-tinged life into the bands melodious, lyrical and psychedelic folk arrangements


The Flamenco Thief

For a decade electric guitar was his passion but, like Bob Dylan in reverse, Craig took a U-turn three years ago and switched to acoustic after hearing Flamenco for the first time.

Since then he has channeled all his time and effort into mastering the art of Flamenco playing and adapting the sound to incorporate a range of musical genres.

His music has been likened to that of Rodrigo & Gabriela, due to his percussionist beating of strings and the drumming of the guitar’s body during performances.


Matt Young

A childhood circus superstar with his “Amazing Fat Duck Show”, Matt Young now sings old style, new time Blues, Jazz and Folk on the slidey, picky whale box, accompanied by OOH and Laaaaaaa from the face and mouth.

Taking influence from Robert Johnson and a wide array of Delta Blues musicians Matt Young has gained a strong following here in Bath. A journey through the lighter and darker sides of the human psyche, Matt’s unique energy and witty songs are not to be missed.


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