October Newsletter #3

Hello everyone!

Cooking sessions

It’s here – the time everyone in Bath Foodcycle has been eagerly awaiting – the first of our new cooking sessions!! As I announced in the last newsletter, we have agreed to run a trial three week cooking session in St Mary’s Church on Julian Road.

The rota is on the foodcycle web page – go to foodcycle.org and select the link at the top of the page “Login to your foodcycle group”, select Bath Hub and log in with your details. If you haven’t signed up on the website yet, see the bottom of the newsletter for instructions. Once you are logged into the Bath hub, select the tab ‘Volunteer’ and you will see our rota for the next cooking session. This saves automatically so once you have added your name to a slot you don’t need to anything else! Please ensure that you put your name against the appropriate role and please note that we require volunteers to have signed up on the website and completed the health and safety quiz.

We also need drivers to help pick up and drop off food before and after the session. If you are able to do this, please note your name down on the rota and also email us at bathfoodcycle@gmail.com so we can add you to the list of available drivers.

We are all very excited about this new cooking session and I know we have a lot of volunteers eager to get involved. Be aware that there aren’t many slots on the rota so if you want to cook with us make sure you put your name down quickly! If you want any more information about what a cooking session will entail please feel free to email me questions to the email address above!

Soul Food – massive success!!

On behalf of everyone, I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped make our Soul Food event the best Bath Foodcycle event yet! It was a roaring success with music from the Gollywhoppers, Big Green Uncle, Slapface and the Hoagies, Bryan Chalker and Out of the Brew, and Swamp Donkey so thank you to everyone who came and performed! We totted up the total amount we raised and it came to a massive, enormous, jaw dropping £913.30!

We had a lot of support from local businesses who donated towards our raffle and the prizes were collected by thrilled guests– including the Mayor of Bath! We also need to say a special thank you to Simon and the team at Green Park tavern for their infinite patience and generous help all the way through the planning stages and all through the event itself.

In all, it was an awesome evening and we would like to thank everyone who contributed in many, many different ways! Without you all it wouldn’t have been possible.

Oxjam Takeover

It feels like we’re on a fundraising roll at the moment as the night after Soul Food three dedicated (and not hung over, surprisingly!) volunteers manned a stall at Oxjam’s takeover music festival. Selling leftover snacks and generally raising awareness of foodcycle, we raised another £59 and a $20 bill!

Final Note

A reminder for everyone who wants to be involved in cooking.. you need to sign up on the website and do the Health and Safety Quiz before you can cook with us. This is also where I’ll be sending the newsletters and rotas out from so it’s quite important you sign up even if you don’t want to attend a cooking session!

  • o To do this go to www.foodcycle.org.uk
  • o On the top of the page there will be a little headline saying volunteer, and do the test and fill in the details
  • o Once you have done this, you will be able to access all the bits and pieces on the foodcycle website, such as the rota!

As ever, if you would like to get more involved with Foodcycle or have an idea of event you think we should be involved in, drop me an email at bathfoodcycle@gmail.com

Looking forward to seeing people at the cooking sessions! Hope you all have a great Halloween!

Alice & the Foodcycle Team x


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