November Newsletter #1


Hello fellow foodcyclers!

Cooking Sessions begin, fundraising coming up and Bath Foodcycle wins an award….


This Wednesday is the first of our new cooking sessions at St Mary’s Church on Julian Road. A very exciting time for Foodcycle and a culmination of hours of hard work by our dedicated volunteers so something definitely worth celebrating!

To those volunteers who have signed up on the rota, our Food coordinator Phil will be getting in touch with you to go over last minute arrangements. If you have signed up to be a reserve chef we will be in touch in the days leading up to the session if someone is unable to make it. This is a really crucial role so thank you to everyone who puts themselves down to be our last minute hero! There is still a space for a reserve chef for next week (28th) so if you are interested put your name down quickly before it goes!

Now for the important bit: if you have signed up for the cooking sessions please be aware of the following health and safety guidelines: please don’t wear any nail varnish, jewelry and if you are able to put your hair up you bring something with you to do this. Kitchens are messy places so please wear something you don’t mind getting grubby! We will provide aprons for you to wear.

As this is our first session in a new place, it would be helpful to bring some extra bits of kitchen equipment with you so if you are able to bring chopping knives it would be very helpful! Also, feel free to bring music and speakers if you have any! Who doesn’t love cooking to decent tunes!

If you aren’t signed up on our website you won’t be able to see the rota; for details of how to do this please see the bottom of the newsletter.


With regular cooking sessions becoming a reality we are in need of drivers (with cars!) to help move the donated food from Sainsbury’s to the location of our cooking sessions. This will usually be between 9am and 10.30am and 9pm to 10pm (but can be flexible if needed!) on the day of our sessions. Please feel free to forward this newsletter to anyone who might be interested and able to help us!

If you are able to give up your time to help us transport food and equipment to and from our venues, please email and put the subject re: Drivers


Zurich students support Foodcycle!

Two groups of Bath University students have taken on the “Zurich Challenge”, to raise money and create awareness for Foodcycle! This initiative sees the groups complete a challenge set by a charity to complete by the end of November and the two teams have been hard at work planning fundraising opportunities! Show your support if you are in the area by going along to their food stalls!

Our creative challenge group will be in Bath University hosting a bake sale on Tuesday the 20th of November to raise money for their advertising campaign, check the facebook group for location in the near future!

The cook off challenge group will be around Union street on Friday the 30th of November between 1pm and 5pm so hunt them out and buy some of their delicious home cooked snacks and treats!


Bath Foodcycle wins award!!  

At the end of October National Foodcycle held its annual conference in London, inviting volunteers from hubs all over the country to gather and discuss all things foodwaste! Everyone found it really inspiring to speak to other hubs and hear how their hubs work and to trade tips and ideas. There was an awards presentation and we won the award for Community Outreach and building connections in the community! An awesome accolade, well done everyone!


Final note

A reminder for everyone who wants to be involved in cooking.. you need to sign up on the website and do the Health and Safety Quiz before you can cook with us. This is also where I’ll be sending the newsletters and rotas out from so it’s quite important you sign up even if you don’t want to attend a cooking session!

  • o To do this go to
  • o On the top of the page there will be a little headline saying volunteer, and do the test and fill in the details
  • o Once you have done this, you will be able to access all the bits and pieces on the foodcycle website, such as the rota!

As ever, if you would like to get more involved with Foodcycle or have an idea of event you think we should be involved in, drop me an email at

Looking forward to seeing people on Wednesday and hope everyone else is having a great week!

Alice & the Foodcycle Team!



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