December Newsletter #1, Two more cooking sessions announced!

After a successful trial, we have decided to extend our cooking sessions through December and into the New Year!

The rotas are up for four more cooking sessions! After these they will be a weekly and we will update you via this newsletter when the next set of rotas go up!

The newest dates are:

  • Wednesday the 12th of December
  • Wednesday the 19th of December – going to be Christmas Themed, feel free to bring Christmas music or santa hats etc!

Then we will be having a break over Christmas and New Year and will return on:

  • Wednesday the 9th of January
  • Wednesday the 16th of January (after which we will continue weekly)

A lot of our volunteers go home over Christmas so if you are available on the 19th please put your name down ASAP so we have an accurate idea of numbers. As ever, the slots fill up fast so don’t hesitate!

Zurich Student Groups excel for FoodCycle!

Over the last couple of months two groups of students have been taking on the ‘Zurich Challenge’, where charities set challenges for the students to complete.

Our first student group were set the challenge of taking on the mean streets of Bath and fundraising for us using surplus food and their own ingenuity. They came up with innovative recipes such as Avocado Brownies and Pear and Ginger muffins. Their stalls in the centre of town and Green Park Station were a massive success and they raised a huge £271 for us! Thanks again to all the hard work and dedication; Nicole Hodges, Eric Yung, Laura Murphy, Louise Lundblad, Marion Assad, Fanny Saaraf and Anna Motti!

The second Zurich group were tasked with creating a new marketing campaign for us. Watch this space for the next FoodCycle Newsletter where we’ll tell you all about it! We express our thanks and excitement to use their creativity to Greg Zahner, Martina Davis, Adriana Tsoneva, Charlotte Burge, Jessica Thornley, Pete Russell, Benchapon Sirisae, Urszula Strzemiecka and Sofie Runnquist!

Final note

A reminder for everyone who wants to be involved in cooking.. you need to sign up on the website and do the Health and Safety Quiz before you can cook with us. This is also where I’ll be sending the newsletters and rotas out from so it’s quite important you sign up even if you don’t want to attend a cooking session!

  • o To do this go to
  • o On the top of the page there will be a little headline saying volunteer, and do the test and fill in the details
  • o Once you have done this, you will be able to access all the bits and pieces on the foodcycle website, such as the rota!

As ever, if you would like to get more involved with Foodcycle or have an idea of event you think we should be involved in, drop me an email at

Looking forward to seeing people on Wednesday and hope everyone else is having a great week!

Alice & the Foodcycle Team!



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