Wednesday Recipe: Croutons

The great thing about croutons is that they use up waste, If you still have some stale bread, maybe from the recipe I uploaded the other week (here), you can still use it. Goes great with a soup or salad, and it tastes much better than shop bought.

Stale bread (as much as you want to make into croutons)

4 tbsp of Butter

Flavouring (if you feel like it)

1) Cut the bread into small cubes, about 2cm across.


2) Heat a frying pan, on a hob, to a medium temperature. Add the butter, for frying, and wait for it to melt.


3) Add the bread, and anything you are using to flavour it (I like salt and pepper or crushed garlic) leave it to fry for about 3-4 mins until brown. Turn until they’re like that all over.


4) Take the pan off the heat and put the croutons on a plate covered with kitchen roll to drain. Give it a couple of minutes and they are good to go!   


One thought on “Wednesday Recipe: Croutons

  1. Alex Rowson

    Croutons are indeed a great thing! We had some tonight with a lovely Potato and Fennel soup whipped up by our fantastic Chefs! Can’t wait to see what they do next week 🙂

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