Next month’s social, new members of the team and training opportunities…

Hello FoodCyclers!

Our rota is up for the next few weeks and we would love to see both new and familiar faces at our cooking sessions! There are some positions available for this Wednesday if you are available! If you haven’t been to a session before you’ll hear from one of us leading up to the cook and will get an induction to FoodCycle detailing everything you need to know and answering any questions you may have. Whether you are a gourmet chef or brand new to the culinary arts, there is a place in our kitchen regardless!

Community Participation Training!

To our volunteers and followers we are best known for our cooking and our creative, hardworking chef team but did you know about the whole other team, Community Participation? Our front line volunteers are the friendly bunch who welcome our guests, organise the food going from the kitchen to the table and keep the session inclusive and positive. One of the most important things to us is that there is a friendly atmosphere for our guests to enjoy and the benefit of our sessions stretches beyond the delicious food we serve. We like to get to know our guests; to find out how they came to hear about us and ensure they have a lovely time with us. As we reach out to many socially isolated and vulnerable groups we know that everyone’s experience of FoodCycle will be different and our Community Participation volunteers are at our sessions to ensure the enjoyment and safety of all guests and volunteers.

We provide training for our Community Participation volunteers in order for them to carry out this key role and if this something you would be interested in then we would love to train you. Either email us at or sign up on the rota and we will begin your training at your first session with a run-down of who we are and what we do!

Hub Leader update

We have a new member of the hub leader team in our midst! Those who have been to cooking sessions in the last few weeks will have had the pleasure of meeting our new Volunteer Coordinator, Alex! With our minds all turning to summer, Alex will be taking on the task of helping us become more sustainable during the summer months; a challenging time for us as the students return home for a few months and volunteer numbers dip. A very warm Bath FoodCycle welcome to Alex!

Don’t forget about our monthly social on Thursday the 30th of May at the St James Wine Valuts from 8pm! Come find us upstairs and take part in the pub quiz as part of the Bath FoodCycle team! See you there!

Alice and the Bath FoodCycle Team


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