Sainsburys celebrates 5 years of FoodCycle

Sainsburys Video

At Bath FoodCycle we could not function without the continued support of our local Sainsburys stores. Green Park Sainsburys has been our longest serving supporter, getting us up and running back in March 2012. Sainsburys Odd Down followed in October 2012. With their support we have diverted over 2.5 tonnes of food from waste and served over 2000 meals. It’s been a great ride!

With FoodCycle now reaching 5 years, Sainsburys are helping to mark the celebrations. Sainsburys has a rich heritage working with food charities, supporting the redistribution of surplus food. FoodCycle’s inspired concept was something Sainsbury’s was keen to back, turning surplus food into something very positive.

Watch the video and read the full article here




Hommity Pie

Hommity Pie

This is the culmination of root vegetables, cheese, apples (yes apples) and a lovely pastry. boil vegetables and cook apples separately, then mix together with the cheese and pour into your pastry lined oven dish and cook for about 40 mins, closer to an hour if you feel needs longer or doing it on the scale we do!

Our October Update!

Hello everyone, sorry it’s been a while since we had a detailed post, lots of things been happening! My name is Seb and I’ve been volunteering since the end of July as it is part of my university degree to do a placement for at least 80 hours, and came to Foodcycle because it has a great range of different and new skills I can learn. So far I have chef generally, assisted at recruitment fairs and fundraising events and recently led the last 2 sessions =D Pictures will follow from this week’s session.

We’ve been busy recently with chutney making with the hope of selling it for some fundraising, and had the help of some lovely people from a pharmaceutical company visiting Bath in a mass chutney making event before we did a service, which was a long day! But from the end result of making it, putting it in jars and making it look pretty I think it’s going to go down really well.

We are also planning on a Halloween fundraiser in the Green Park Station, where we aim to have pumpkin carving and children’s games such as pin the wart on the witch between 1-5pm. Tickets will be just £5 per person. Come along for a fangtastic day! (sorry, couldn’t resist). More information can be found here:

I look very much forward to being more involved in the social media aspect of Foodcycle and equally look forward to more opportunities to lead sessions and be involved in the fundraising 🙂

Well I think that’s about it for now, but more will follow soon!