Food Coordinator


Food Coordination We’re looking for someone to help source edible surplus food to supply our weekly cooking sessions. This is a critical role within our team as without food we cannot prepare weekly meals for our service users (guests). Supplies can be erratic, so you’ll need to be innovative and persuasive.Currently we have a rota of drivers who collect surplus from Sainsburys Green Park and Sainsburys Odd Down each Wednesday morning from 930. Supplies vary per week, ranging  from 50kg of food to nothing at all. We need to strengthen our relationships with these two suppliers, and seek new sources of food to remain sustainable.

Key tasks:

  • You’ll research food sources and inspire those in charge to negotiate a deal!
  • We’ll ensure you know what FoodCycle does and why so you can convey this information to potential new suppliers.
  • You’ll arrange all logistics of food collection including transport and volunteers.
  • You’ll keep records of all food received for our Head Office national statistics.
  • You’ll manage our store cupboard, keeping it well stocked (using innovative/free sources) to see us through lean supply days and boost flavour and nutrition.
  • You may wish to research recipes and help build the FoodCycle cook book – recipes that use lots of potatoes, or bread, or eggs …
  • You’ll schmoose our existing suppliers to ensure they don’t forget us, and collect the maximum amount of surplus for us each week.
  • We hope you’ll train up to a level where you can run one cooking session a month as Head chef, or take a role as session leader to ensure our weekly cooking sessions remain sustainable.


  • Do you love food?
  • Are you a team player with a ‘can do’ attitude and desire to have fun?
  • A self-starter, capable of working alone and using initiative to reach end goal?
  • Do you have the power of persuasion?
  • Are you confident in telephone, email and face-to-face communication?
  • Are you energetic and approachable?
  • Are you confident approaching businesses, charities and the public?
  • Well organised, good computer skills, and can plan effectively to cover every base?
  • Able to give us 6-8 hours of your time each week, and be able to stay with us longer than 6 months (preferably a year)
  • Able to attend at least one cooking session a month on a Wednesday evening?
  • Free Thursday evenings for hub leader meetings in the pub?

If you’ve also got previous experience as a volunteer, experience in conducting research and/or in negotiation situations that would be great, but it’s not essential.

Email us on or leave a comment below.
Download this job description


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