On The Menu – 21st October 2015

On October 21st 2015 it was Back To The Future day – the future date that Marty McFly travels to in the second film of the trilogy. We thought this was too good an opportunity to miss so we made the most of it!

So bring your hoverboards and/or DeLoreans and let’s get cooking… See the full album of photos on our Facebook page.

“Food waste? Where we’re going we don’t need food waste!”

Starter: Lettuce Go Back To The Future (Fine Cheese with Bread, Lettuce Salad and Pakoras).21st October 2015 - Starter

Main: Do Not Eat This Quiche Until 2015 (Vegetable Quiche with Salad).21st October 2015 - Main

Dessert: DeLorean Crumble Gull Wing Pud (Apple & Pear Crumble with Crème Anglaise).21st October 2015 - Main

See more photos from our session on 21st October on our Facebook page.