2015 Year Highlights

FoodCycle Bath 2015 Year Highlights

As 2015 draws to a close we thought it would be a great idea to look back on what FoodCycle Bath has done this year through the power of photography. Thank goodness I had the foresight to upload the photos into albums so it’s easy to find them again!

Particular highlights include…
Our weekly meal presented as a silent film (11th Feb)
Volunteer Centre AGM (27th Feb)
Bath Spa Green Week Pop-Up (27th Feb)
Attack of the Daffodils (1st Apr)
Vote for FoodCycle (6th May)
FoodCycle Food Contest (20th May) – Eurovision style singing/miming!
Surplus Food Spa Day (24th June)
Seemingly the entire supply of spring onions from a small island nation (8th July)
Sam’s final week (9th Sept)
Great Bath Bake Sale 2015 (3rd Oct)
Back To The Future Day (21st Oct)
Bath Christmas Market 2015 (8th Dec)
Christmas Meal (16th Dec)

See the photo albums page for more (neatly organised) photographic wonders! https://www.facebook.com/bathfoodcycle/photos_stream?tab=photos_albums

Want to join the fun in 2016? New sessions are up on the rota at http://my.foodcycle.org.uk/

2015 FoodCycle Bath Photo Album Covers
A years worth of photo album covers!

First Cooking Sessions!

It’s been a long time coming, but Bath Foodcycle is finally cooking!

Julian House, a homeless shelter in central Bath, invited us to cook there on Saturday mornings early this year, but without a ready source of “waste” food, it was impossible to commit to a start date. But finally, in early April, Central office signed a landmark agreement with Sainsbury’s, allowing us to start collecting food from our local Superstore in Green Park Station. The manager was very supportive, even offering to deliver food to Julian House. As a trial run of the Foodcycle model for hub leaders and new volunteers alike, we decided on a six-week trial run at Julian House.

The first Saturday of six, May 5th, was an enormous success! Sainsbury’s delivered five crates of food, with the Thoughtful Bread Company providing lots of tasty bread. Our team of five volunteers were hard-pressed to come up with a menu, and then start cooking with a view to begin serving in an hour and a half’s time. But they rose to the challenge, and began by preparing frozen pizza as a starter. Not normal Foodcycle fare, but all food is good food! Main course was a delicious courgette, mushroom and carrot stew, served with bread and a side salad. The standard Foodcycle fruit salad was a winner when pudding came around, but the main surprise of the day was an apple crumble, served with ice cream as a special treat! 25 beneficiaries and all the volunteers were served, but there was still enough bread, stew and salad left over by midday for Julian House residents to enjoy later that day.

Along with a recent increase in volunteer numbers and recruitment of assistant Leaders, Bath Foodcycle has really come a long way in a very short time. Watch out for regular updates on events, food waste news and all of our menus on our Facebook and Twitter pages! Photos will be available very soon!

FoodCycle Bake Sale

Thanks to all who helped out at the fundraiser and also those who BOUGHT DELICIOUS CAKE!

In the spirit of FoodCycle we used as many donated ingredients as possible and ended up with some exciting flavours. In total we raised £70 – not bad for our first fundraiser! If you’d like to help out at future events or donate to the cause please email us at bathfoodcycle@gmail.com


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Follow the journey!

Welcome to the new blog for FoodCycle Bath. 

Like us, you probably hate seeing good food go to waste when it could go to people in the local community that need it.

FoodCycle has come up with a way of getting that food to those people – and you can help us do it. We run projects called ‘Hubs’ where our amazing volunteers cook up surplus fruit and vegetables that are being thrown out by supermarkets and farmers markets.

FoodCycle is a national network of volunteer-powered community projects. All our projects aim to:

  • Reduce food waste by reclaiming it for human consumption
  • Tackle food poverty in areas of deprivation
  • Empower volunteers to make a difference in their community
  • Bring communities together through communal dining experiences

Now Bath FoodCycle is looking for volunteers to help get our exciting project off the ground! If you would like to be involved in fundraising, running events, publicity or cooking for a good cause then get in touch.

Follow our journey and tell your friends as we get active in Bath and kick start a food revolution!